Recently, I have started working on a polymer 3 framework for one of my projects. To start my project I have been looking for a well-configured boilerplate on the internet.

There are many polymer boilerplates available in the market but looks like they all are out-dated or many of them…

Recently, one of my friends joined a software firm and on his first day, his manager asked him to estimate one complete project. My friend is also in the initial stage of his career and does not have much experience to estimate any task. …

Hi everybody, So after approximately 7 years of experience in the IT industry I have this question:

Does our education fulfill our corporate requirement?

I feel the answer is BIG NO, especially in India.

What we study, we cannot implement in our day to day work. We study something and…

Mayank Bhalotkar

A technology lover, Passionate about JavaScript.

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